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(You may want to print these instructions for reference)

1 .  You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher to print these cards.  Although most people already have this program, if need to install it on your computer, you can download the newest version free from Adobe's site.  The instructions for the Acrobat Reader are included in the download.  Click the icon below.

2. Once you have selected a card, right-click on the text that says "download card" and save the file to your computer.  (All card files are in .PDF format.)  After you right-click, a pop-up box will appear and you need to select the "save file to..." or "save target as..." option and choose where you want to save the file.

3.  After the file has finished downloading, you need to go to where you saved it and click on it to open and view the card with Acrobat Reader.

4. Once you are in Acrobat Reader, go to the main page of the card (Page 1).  This will show you the front and back of the card.

5.  Because many printers are set up differently (some are fed through the front, others are fed through the back, etc), you should test the printing of the card with plain paper first, to ensure that you can properly print the card.  

6. On the top menu bar of the Acrobat Reader, go to FILE and select PRINT.  An options box will appear.  Make sure that the FIT TO PAGE option is unchecked.  Then select the option to print only Page 1 (Very important - make sure you don't print all sides of the card at once!)  Also, make sure you change the properties to have the printer set to Landscape mode.

7.  Once you have printed the first side of the card  (i.e. the front and back), you can now choose which inside message you would like to print.  Each card file comes with a selection of inside messages for you to choose from.  Scroll down the pages of the card file to preview the different messages. 

8.  After you have found the page with the message you would like to print on the inside of the card, place your card back into the printer.  Now you must go back to FILE and PRINT.  Repeat what you did for the first side, except this time make sure you select the option to *print only the page with the inside message*.  

9.  You now have your new greeting card!


1. Make sure the first side of the card is completely dry before inserting it back in the printer to print the second side.

2.  These cards can be printed on any of 8 1/2 x 11 card stock or any half-fold greeting card paper sets (such as Hewlett-Packard sets, Canon, etc.) 

3. Unless you are absolutely certain you know how to re-feed the card so that the outside and inside print correctly, test the card with a plain sheet of printer paper first and without color, too, if you want to preserve your printer's color ink while testing.

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